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Tell your senators that you want them to support fairness for pastors!
Could you take five minutes to tell the Senate that you want pastors to have access to the same premium tax credits that other Americans can get? Take action now and ask your senators to join the fight by co-sponsoring this bill!

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Write your senators today

A personal, hand-written letter delivered by fax or U.S. mail is still the best way to get the attention of lawmakers. Be friendly and don't call any names; simply ask that they co-sponsor the Church Health Plan Act of 2014, and tell them why this is important to your family. Find your senators' address.

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Call your senators

A phone call to your senators’ Washington, D.C., offices can go a long way, as well. Simply tell them you're asking your senator to co-sponsor the Church Health Plan Act of 2014. Ask what reason they have for not supporting it, and encourage them to join the fight to provide fairness to pastors and others served by church health plans. You can find your senators’ contact information here.